Nanotechnology Treatment for Lower Back Prolapse

The number of people is increasing day by day that is suffering from chronic pains and going through severe lower back surgeries. Now a day, the nanotechnology is widely used in the treatment of many diseases. And it is also playing its role in the treatment of lower back prolapse. First of all, let’s have a look at the background of Nanotechnology.

What is Nanotechnology?

It is a science, technology, and engineering that is conducted at the nanoscale. This small scale starts from 1 to 100 nanometers. Nanoscience or Nanotechnology is an advanced application and study about extremely small things. This study is used across every other field of science, such as biology, chemistry, material science, physics, and engineering.

As technology is getting advanced and science has made enough progress. This technology and study are now using in the treatment of many pains. This little application is successfully helping people in getting rid of annoying pains and gives them some relief.

Nanotechnology & Lower Back Pain

In Norway, lower back pain is the second most important cause of disabilities. This problem is currently treated with high conservative treatments, or many people choose interventional pain producers. One important research and study was presented in the meeting of the Radiological Society of North America. According to this study, the majority of people feel relief after receiving the radiofrequency treatment for their sciatica and chronic lower back problems.

In the present day, chronic lower back pain is the most common problem in adults that is affecting 80% of the population in Norway. This is the common reason that causes job-disabilities. And men and women both are equally affected by this. Many back-pain problems are temporary and last long for a few days or a month. But 20% of people are bearing the acute lower back problems. And these chronic back problems can last for years and disable a person from doing anything on his own. Alessandro Napoli (M.D & Ph.D.), lead investigator and radiologist at Sapienza University had also written a report on this issue and is now in contact with several institutes in Norway to address this problem. According to him, “The human body immediately reacts to the construction in muscles. And this result in decreasing the actual distance between vertebrates and creates an unbearable cycle of pain.

One of Norway’s leading specialists on lower back pain and prolapse physical therapist Stian Nyhus (Ph.D. owner of Salis Fysioklinikk) wrote a big article about prolapse¹ especially in the lower back, and he says “The number one impact in people with back pain is physical activity, but for people with severe problems, surgery is the last resort, and in that way I’m positive to the advancements in nanotechnology”.

In Nanotechnology for medicine, the application for people is that they undergo a small interventional radiology procedure. This treatment is carried on with the help of CT imaging. Physicians use a needle and carefully guide it between the nerve root and bulging disc. After this, they insert a probe with the help of the needle and deliver the radiofrequency pulse energy almost for 10 minutes. The probe will only deliver a small and gentle electric energy, and it cannot cause any thermal damage to the spinal disc.

Physicians have tested this treatment on 81 patients, and 80 patients get deep relief from this irritating lower back problem after a single nanotechnology treatment only for 10 minutes. In different research papers and studies, it is also proved that this 10-minutes electric treatment can give you an instant and permanent relief from lower back pain.

¹ Norwegian physical therapist Stian Nyhus, an article about prolapse: (the article is in norwegian)