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September 5, 2017

Raleigh Drone Startup Delivers More Than Packages (+ Video)

Published in WRAL TechWire Insider – September 5, 2017 By Joe Magno, NC COIN Executive Director RALEIGH – Every day we hear how drones are going to impact our lives. The popularity of drones is creating numerous business opportunities for creative entrepreneurs. Photographers, land surveyors, farmers and others are leveraging drone technology to enhance efficiency and reduce costs. We recently met with Meredith Fowler, entrepreneur and licensed drone pilot who has built her Raleigh based business by integrating drone technology, specialized […]
August 31, 2017

Thinking About Design Thinking

Published in WRAL TechWire Insider – August 28, 2017 By Joe Magno, NC COIN Executive Director RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – Creativity and design are part of everything that we do and critical to the success of any scientific or technical breakthrough.  Designing a new molecule, medical device, bridge, electrical appliance, and even a shoe requires the application of design thinking and creativity. According to the Industrial Designers Society of America “the optimization of function, value, and appearance to the end user” […]
August 2, 2017

Nanomanufacturing conference set in Greensboro

Published in WRAL TechWire Insider – July 31, 2017 By BARRY TEATER, NCBiotech Writer RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. — Participants and vendors have only a few weeks left to get tiny pricing for Nano Manufacturing 2017, a conference devoted to the production of extremely small things, scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 27, in Greensboro. Vendors have until Aug. 31 to secure early-bird pricing of $250 – a 50 percent discount – for exhibition space at the conference. Other participants have until […]
July 3, 2017

Leadership and Diamonds – the 4 C’s of Quality

Published in WRAL TechWire Insider – July 3, 2017 By Joe Magno, NC COIN Executive Director RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – If you’ve ever shopped for a diamond you’re probably familiar with the Four C’s: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carats. Each C is rated on a 1 to 10 scale. A diamond that rates highly in all four categories is rare and hard to come by. The qualities and ratings for each of the C’s are easily quantified and certifiable by experts […]
June 23, 2017

Inside the Changing Work Environment for Engineers

Published in WRAL TechWire Insider – June 23, 2017 By Joe Magno, NC COIN Executive Director RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – The number of engineering students graduating from North Carolina’s universities is continuing to grow and the work environment that those engineers will enter continues to change and evolve. IEEE GlobalSpec recently conducted its third annual “Pulse of the Engineer” research survey. This online survey asked engineers and technical professionals in the industrial sector about the pace of engineering, work environment, […]
June 22, 2017

Advanced Prototyping Facility Set for Takeoff at First Flight Venture Center

Published in WRAL TechWire Insider – June 22, 2017 RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. — First Flight is preparing for the takeoff of its latest venture. Hangar6, a facility for advanced and rapid prototyping, will launch in September at the First Flight Venture Center in RTP, FFVC’s Andy Schwab announced Wednesday. The project is being funded through a $450,000 challenge grant that FFVC earned from the U.S. Department of Commerce. “It’s exciting to see the progress as the Hangar6 facility comes […]
June 20, 2017

Personalized Medicine Startup Panaceutics Inks Deal with Florida Cardiovascular Institute

Published in WRAL TechWire Insider – June 17, 2017 RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – Locally grown biotech firm Panaceutics has finalized an agreement with the Florida Cardiovascular Institute designed to increase patient adherence in the treatment of cardiovascular disease. The agreement finalizes discussions on a partnership that will study personalized combinatorial therapies at the Institute. A personalized medicine and clinical nutrition company, Panaceutics recently expanded its facilities for the third time since it was founded four years ago when it started […]
June 14, 2017

Life Sciences Forum on Venture Capital Draws Standing Room Only Crowd

Published in WRAL TechWire Insider – June 6, 2017 Over 150 attendees filled the North Carolina Biotechnology Center auditorium on June 5 for the sixth Life Sciences Forum which featured speakers from five life sciences focused venture firms. Presenters included Scott Weiner (Pappas Ventures), Anita Watkins (REX Strategic Innovations), Jonathan Meltzer (LabCorp Ventures), Alex Gray (Echo Health Ventures), and Michael Dial (Hatteras Venture Partners). Anil Goyal (Open Doors Group) moderated with flair providing speakers with queries that prompted a lively […]
May 19, 2017

Welcome To Our New Site – Thanks for Dropping By

Thank you for visiting.  We hope you find our new site of value and look forward to hearing your thoughts and also your news.  We really want this to be YOUR portal to the COIN Network so that everyone can take advantage of the Power of the Network we all have grown over the past few years.  Please take a few minutes and look around. You’ll find Events, News and Resources as well as opportunities to support our Network of […]
May 2, 2017

Precision Medicine World Conference bringing 100+ global leaders to RTP (+ video)

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – For those who doubt North Carolina’s prominence in the Global Precision Medicine Community, doubt no more! According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), precision medicine is “an emerging approach for disease treatment and prevention that takes into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle for each person.” The 12th Annual Precision Medicine World Conference (PMWC), will be coming to North Carolina for the first time on May 24-25. Prior PMWC conferences have been convened […]
April 17, 2017

Startup Mako Medical Labs aims to help veterans fighting PTSD

RALEIGH – Since 2014 when Chad Price and Josh Arant founded Mako Medical Laboratories we began seeing Mako’s “Sharkmobiles” becoming more visible on the road. Mako Medical Laboratories has become one of the fastest growing “home grown” companies in North Carolina and continues to grow with offices and “Sharkmobile” sightings spreading across the country. Both Chad and Josh might attribute some of their success to the fact that they have focused on hiring veterans as well as their strong science […]
April 10, 2017

Real apprenticeships: Building a work force, not a TV show

GREENSBORO – In January, WRAL TechWire published an article addressing the fact that economic development and job growth is being challenged by the growing need of employers to find appropriately skilled workers. Titled “Addressing our next big challenge: America’s job skills gap,” it discussed the growing requirements of employers for workers with higher, more specific skills and experience.  The article also pointed out that fewer employers are offering training due to the financial and logistical challenges of providing appropriate on-the-job training […]
March 31, 2017

Cultivation: Why this term is important to entrepreneurs seeking startup help

GREENSBORO – Business Incubators have been around since the late 1950’s and continue to be a location of choice for young entrepreneurial companies searching for a home to “hatch” or get their small businesses off the ground. The concept of business incubation has evolved over the years from places where concepts could be developed, to facilities that supported the growth and development of young business entities, to environments where young enterprises with common interests can benefit from a network that […]
March 21, 2017

Growing more STEM businesses and entrepreneurs in NC

GREENSBORO – It’s no secret that North Carolina’s public and private higher educational institutions have earned global prominence in their ability to successfully educate scientists, engineers and technologists. Every year significant numbers of our graduates are recruited by local and global corporations that have learned to value the scientific and technical capabilities of students and graduates of our great higher educational institutions. The looming question, however, is “How can we grow more of our own North Carolina STEM-based companies?” As […]
March 14, 2017

The secret sauce behind First Flight Venture Center’s success is …

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – When First Flight Venture Center’s 2016 Annual Report was released on March 8th it noted recent competitive Federal Funding Awards received by the Center’s LiftOff and Wings programs, and the recent Hangar 6 award which brought approximately $500,000 in funding to assist the Center in supporting the growth of North Carolina high technology focused companies. image:×165.jpg Even more impressive and indicative of the positive impact of the Center’s support to North Carolina STEMpreneurs (entrepreneurs that […]
March 2, 2017

North Carolina Center of Innovation Network launching entrepreneur workshop series

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. — Starting on March 8 the North Carolina Center of Innovation Network (COIN) will launch the “COIN Workshops” Program. Workshops are designed to provide objective, actionable information and guidance to North Carolina entrepreneurs engaged in research and commercialization of innovative products and services that improve our lives. Workshops will be hosted by COIN and sponsoring organizations will provide attendees with complimentary food and beverages. Accomplished and innovative scientists, engineers, and technologists interested in commercializing their innovations […]
February 27, 2017

New controlled release tech platform aims to enhance drug, fertilizer delivery – and more

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. — ​Lucideon, a materials development and commercialization organization that is dedicated to developing materials and products, in collaboration with industry partners, that meet the real needs of the market today and has recently opened a facility in RTP to serve the needs of North Carolina, has developed a new innovative controlled release technology called iCRT. The modern world of active compound and nutrient delivery faces a variety of problems which could be offset, or even solved, […]
February 20, 2017

Incentives beyond tax breaks are crucial to economic growth

GREENSBORO, N.C. – Over the past few years although North Carolina has held its own in recruiting and retaining great companies, the state continues to face increasing competition in its recruitment efforts, and the debate regarding the need for increased monetary incentives to lure companies to move to and stay in North Carolina goes on. There’s no doubt that when a site selection consultant provides a report to a client company looking for a new home or expansion of a […]
February 1, 2017

NSF funding shows North Carolina emerging as a nanotech hotbed

GREENSBORO, N.C. – To some it might seem surprising that four of the 23 universities named as sites and awarded grants under the National Science Foundation’s National Nanotechnology Coordinating Infrastructure Program were in North Carolina. It seems that slowly and surely, over the past 20 or so years North Carolina has been developing into a hotbed for Nano related research and development. When the National Science Foundation announced the 23 sites that would be included in the NNCI, Duke University, […]
January 20, 2017

Our next big challenge: Addressing America’s job skills gap

GREENSBORO, N.C. – The Labor Department recently reported that average hourly earnings in the US rose by 2.9 percent last year, the best annual performance since the recovery began. Many economists expect the trend to gain momentum this year, as a tighter labor market forces employers to pay more to hire and retain workers A recently released report from the Conference Board documents emerging labor shortages in a wide range of industries across many regions of the country. The US […]
January 16, 2017

The art of successfully closing the deal – 10 Reminders

By HENRY KOPF and AMISH PATEL, special to WRAL TechWire Editor’s note: Henry Kopf and Amish Patel are with Cary-based Revolution Law. CARY, N.C. – Signing and closing a merger, acquisition, joint venture, licensing agreement, or other strategic transactions involves many moving parts that are often overlooked or not fully understood for their complexity. In most transactions, the final agreement is not simply one contract drafted and negotiated by the lawyers, and then signed by the parties at closing. A […]
January 3, 2017

Two upcoming events focus on STEMpreneurs

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – On Jan. 11, the North Carolina Center of Innovation Network (COIN) will host its first Business Education Event of 2017. Later in the month, another event – InnovEight 8 – also will appeal to startups. These events are purposed to provide actionable and practical information to increase the success of STEM related businesses. COIN’s Business Education Events will feature experienced subject matter experts presenting relevant information on topics of interest to attendees. The first event, […]
December 19, 2016

NSF national nanotech group names NC exec to board

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Joe Magno, executive director of the The North Carolina Center of Innovation Network, is named to the board of the National Science Foundation-backed National Nanotechnology Coordinating Infrastructure. The NNCI or National Nanotechnology Coordinating Infrastructure is the designated NSF Center supporting the coordination of all NSF designated sites across 15 states and 27 universities. The NNCI sites provide researchers from academia, small and large companies, and government with access to university user facilities with leading-edge fabrication and characterization […]
December 14, 2016

Life Sciences Forums to continue in 2017

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. — This year the Life Sciences Forum offered sessions on topics ranging from Venture Philanthopy to Immuno-Oncology with global experts addressing the hundreds who attended. Next year (2017) the forums conducted by The North Carolina Biotech Center (NCBC) and North Carolina Center of Innovation Network (NC COIN) will continue, “All of the sponsors and attendees have been very pleased with the success of the series”, said Brian McMerty, Managing Partner of Arris Partners, “our decision to […]
December 7, 2016

How US can improve our security through nanobiotechnology

GREENSBORO, N.C. – Securitization of supply chains, authentication of products, and preventing counterfeiting have challenged businesses for centuries. The problems continue to become more daunting as globalization and transfer of goods and products becomes more complex. The tools and techniques of nanotechnology and biotechnology are beginning to provide some answers to these challenges. Imagine being able to track a product and truly validate its authenticity from raw material to finished product and from its manufacturer through distribution to its final […]
December 1, 2016

Group aiming to create 20M jobs partners with NC COIN organization

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. —Job development efforts, including a big emphasis on STEM training and employment, are getting a major boost in North Carolina. Greensboro-based North Carolina Center of Innovation Network is partnering with Jobenomics as part of a national effort to create 20 million jobs. Jobenomics has some 15 million followers and supporters across the country. NC COIN is seeking to drive economic development across the state with an emphasis on entrepreneurship and emerging companies. Local partners include the […]
November 23, 2016

Triangle data analytics company Zencos helps DHS discover bio threats

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – The National Collaborative for Bio-Preparedness (NCBP) works with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to isolate pandemics, poisonings, and potential bioterrorism events. Their mission is to use data to recognize dangers and empower more effective decision-making at the Federal, State, and Local levels. “There are precious few ways in which people who are charged with doing bio- surveillance can monitor the biosphere,” said Dr. Jeffrey W. Runge, NCBP Executive Director. NCBP fills this void by […]
November 18, 2016

First Flight Venture Center lands $450K federal grant

By JIM SHAMP, NCBiotech Writer RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. — First Flight Venture Center (FFVC), a Research Triangle Park science and technology incubator for entrepreneurs, has been awarded a $450,000 challenge grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce. FFVC was among 36 organizations, selected from a pool of more than 215 applicants, to receive a total of $15 million from the federal Regional Innovation Strategies (RIS) program. “The RIS program advances innovation and capacity-building activities in regions across the country […]
November 16, 2016

Memo to US execs: Doing business in Japan demands a company be the very best it can be

By ROBERT AZAR, NC Center for Innovation Network (COIN) Editor’s note: Analysis: As Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe meets with President-elect Donald Trump in New York, it’s a good time to look at trade relations between the two countries. Note to U.S. executives: Better understanding the requirements of the world’s third largest economy and better preparing for them will enable more American companies to succeed in conducting business in Japan. Robert Azar is a US-Asia business and cultural expert with […]
November 10, 2016

Transfer pricing: How smaller companies can stay ahead

By Henry Kopf and Amish Patel International business transactions for goods and services are the norm for companies of all sizes, not just large multinational companies. Many small and midsized companies are now active participants in regular international transactions and are making direct foreign investments and opening overseas subsidiaries or affiliates. For example, a Chinese manufacturer may form a U.S. subsidiary to improve customer support in the U.S market, stock product locally, and also manufacture specialty products for the U.S. […]
November 4, 2016

Environment, education, economics must be right to lure advance manufacturers

If we agree that advanced manufacturing is “a family of activities that (a) depend on the use and coordination of information, automation, computation, software, sensing, and networking, and/or (b) make use of cutting edge materials and emerging capabilities enabled by the physical and biological sciences, for example nanotechnology, chemistry and biology” it seems obvious that North Carolina should be a hotbed for siting advanced manufacturing facilities. In fact, we are when you consider our existing industrial clusters that include biopharmaceutical […]
July 18, 2016

COIN Welcomes New Member, AM Technical Solutions

Congratulations to AM Technical Solutions. AM Technical Solutions has provided 20 years of successful projects across the globe in Construction Management, Project Management, and Facilities Solutions in High-Tech industries. Additionally, AMTS is a trusted industry leader for cleanroom design/build, consultation, certification and our Total Quality Management Program. Visit for more info.
February 11, 2016

Engineered Success: The Engineer’s Contributions to FDA Medical Device Commercialization By Russ King

Heres’ a PDF link to read more:
January 13, 2016

Why More American Companies Do Not Benefit From the Japanese Market By: Robert C. Azar

Since the 1970’s Japan’s economy has consistently ranked as either the second or third largest in the world. Japan has been the stablest capitalist economy and democratic nation in Asia since the end of World War II. Its corporations are among the most innovative and successful businesses the global economy has ever seen. Its citizens are among the wealthiest in the world. Given all of these favorable conditions, why have more American companies not taken advantage of the lucrative opportunities that await them in Japan? The […]
July 15, 2015


Mobile Laboratory for Students Set to Launch Next Week Greensboro, N.C., July 15, 2015 — North Carolina’s first STEM-focused afterschool learning bus for inner city and rural students will launch on July 21 from The Joint School for Nanoscience and Nanoengineering (JSNN) in Greensboro. The “NanoBus,” which will be staffed by JSNN students majoring in the sciences, will travel to locations in the surrounding communities to encourage middle school students to learn more about science and technology through interactive and […]
July 6, 2015

JLL – A Partner You Can Trust

Why hire a broker? JLL serves as your strategic advisor, lowering your real estate costs and occupancy risks while maximizing workplace exibility and productivity. They’ll analyze your business drivers and occupancy needs, identify and evaluate appropriate options, and manage lease negotiations. In fact, they’ll be your on-call expert for all your leasing and lease administration needs. To read more, visit
April 8, 2015

North Carolina Welcomes SabioAdvantec

SabioAdvantec April 2015 COIN Connections Article SabioAdvantec, an advanced technology R&D consulting firm, is a new arrival in North Carolina. SabioAdvantec has expertise in a variety of engineering disciplines combined with over 40 years of experience spanning basic research and R&D, in industries such as aerospace, oil and gas exploration, and biotechnology. The company provides engineering resources from its facility in Raleigh, NC, to assist clients in the product development process from early concept development through pre-manufacturing prototype, where the need […]
April 8, 2015

Why Use Fractional CFO and Controller Services?

In order to stay competitive, businesses are being forced to examine all aspects of their operation to identify cost savings and drive efficiencies. Those companies that can do this successfully will be rewarded with increasing market share and improved profitability. The issue for small business owners is how to effectively conduct this analysis without knowledgeable resources to do it. Small businesses have always had the need for a professional accounting support; however they have not been able to afford the […]
April 8, 2015

Global Patenting: Strategies for Controlling Costs by: MBHB

MBHB April 2015 COIN Connections Article Global Patenting: Strategies for Controlling Costs Obtaining patent protection in multiple countries is important in a global economy but can be a very expensive endeavor. Foreign patent filing decisions should take into account all of the potential additional costs associated with filing, prosecution, and annuity fees, as well as translation and legal service costs for hiring patent practitioners in each jurisdiction. Because the costs associated with obtaining foreign patents are significant, strategies that control, […]