March 2017 Connections Newsletter

Over 40 Attended Managing and Protecting Mission Critical Facilities

Worldwide Environmental Services sponsored the event for COIN at the Prestonwod Country Club on February 22nd. Along with presentations from industry experts attendees enjoyed Prestonwwod hospitality and an invaluable NETWORKING opportunity.

Travis Bullard, Director of the Raleigh APCO office said, “Great information for me and even my clients, met some great folks and enjoyed great food, glad I went”.

Be sure to connect with the COIN network by joining and attending future COIN events.

Other News:

Terri Zaczyk Joins Coin COIN Staff

We’re pleased to announce that Terri Zaczyk has joined the COIN staff as Director of Operations and Business Development. Terri is an experienced and seasoned executive with a background that includes positions with multi-national chemical and engineering corporations and entreprenurial start-ups. An inventor and entrepreneur we’re certain she will be a valued resource to our endeavors. Please join us in welcoming Terri to the Team. You can reach Terri at

InnovEight 8 You Tube Video Now Available

If you haven’t made it to an I-8 event, now you can see I-8 presentations on You Tube. Just follow this You Tube link to see Anthony Dellinger, the President of Kepley BioSystems give his 8 minute pitch on why Kepley’s nanobiotech inspired fish bait breakthrough can revolutionize the fishing industry and sports fishing and has won NSF awards exceeding $1 million.

Insider Update

WRAL TechWire Insider continues to be a great partner by publishing articles of interest on COIN activities, partners and members as well as other stories on North Carolina’s technology ecosystem. If you’re not subscribing to TechWire Insider you can receive a free annual subscription by joining COIN.

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