5 reasons why your website is holding you back (and how to fix it!)


The North Carolina Center of Innovation Network

Website: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/the-north-carolina-center-of-innovation-network-12707886850

First Flight Venture Center

2 Davis Drive, Durham, NC 27709

Durham, NC, US, 27709

Francis George, founder of Brand Volume, will show you best practices for creating a dynamic, revenue-generating website that’s the core of your outbound marketing strategy. Previous to Brand Volume, Francis worked for Apple Marketing Communications in Cupertino, CA, and served as Creative Director of The Republik, an ad agency in Durham which he co-founded. Francis will show you step-by-step how just a few tweaks can triple your marketing power, with 10% of the effort, by harnessing social media, e-commerce and marketing content. 

If you have a website or are thinking about a website renovation, come join us!