We believe that organizations, universities and researchers should have the opportunity to work outside of labs and otherwise fractured silos, and engage in forums with a free flowing exchange of ideas.


Our intent is to promote Innovation by fostering organized “conversations”, facilitating adjacency, and the sharing of ideas and concepts to creat an environment of Innovators, not just a set of best practices or updates on the latest advances in the field. Our goals are more concrete. We aim to provide resources and opportunities that will drive growth and move ideas forward.


By fostering Collaboration across disciplines and industries we enable Innovation and thereby Accelerate the process of Commercialization, meeting our goals to grow the economy and improve the human condition. We are certaain that by expanding access and bringing together thought leaders across a diverse array of scientific disciplines in North Carolina can open the gateway to faster development and commercialization.

We are NC COIN, the North Carolina
Center of Innovation Network

We exist to stimulate, empower and enable others. Specifically, thought leaders across an array of scientific disciplines and sectors in North Carolina — from Biotechnology, Agriculture, Life Sciences, Nanobiotechnology and Nanomedicine.

Established in 2009 with funding from the State and North Carolina Biotechnology’s Centers of Innovation Grant Program, we provide relevant resources to our constituents and members and bring people together in open forums, educational seminars, and unique conversations, with a focus on promoting economic development.

NC COIN is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) Corporation that serves the citizens of North Carolina as a Virtual Center of Innovation for businesses, researchers, entrepreneurs, students and institutions. As a statewide organization, NC COIN aims to be one of the premier sources of networking opportunities, information, and tailored innovation services for its members.


Joe Magno, 
Executive Director



Mr. Magno has successfully launched and grown a number of technology companies and also enjoyed a career in academia and government service. He has held leadership positions in State Government and at the State University of New York, here he was responsible for system wide economic development programs and technology deployment across all 64 SUNY campuses.

terri FullSizeRender



Terri is an experienced and seasoned executive with a background that includes positions with multi-national chemical and engineering corporations and entrepreneurial start-ups. An inventor and entrepreneur we’re certain she will be a valued resource to our endeavors.

You can reach Terri at terri@nccoin.org.

NC COIN in the Community

NC COIN is an active participant in the entrepreneurial and scientific community. Our core team and board members present thought leadership by leading many events, accepting speaking engagements, writing relevant blog articles and giving interviews to the press – often speaking out on timely issues.

In addition, NC COIN is currently working with The NC AfterSchool Program to assist in facilitating programs for K-12 students to encourage interest in the sciences.


Our Board of Directors is comprised thought leaders and executives that represent some of North Carolina’s most influential entities in the fields of Nanobiotechnology, Agriculture and Biotechnology. Their leadership and guidance has enabled NC COIN to broaden its reach across the state and drive growth for all of its members. In addition, the Board is self-governing and is charged with appointing its own Director and filling vacant seats.