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NC COIN’s membership model lets us provide meaningful programs for the Nano-biotech, Agriculture, Biotech, Life Sciences and related industries which impact their growth in NC.

Although membership is not required to participate in our programs, members do receive substantial benefit and additional networking opportunities for all NC COIN sponsored events and programs. Upon reviewing our Membership Structure you will note that dues are payable annually and with most major credit card. As a 501(c)(3) you are also assured that your membership dues only support programs that benefit NC COIN Members.

The Value of Membership

You will receive priority access to all NC COIN events including seminars, conferences, and networking events as well as access to other programs designed to support you.
We will help you successfully meet challenges and offer a “Center” of Expertise and Experience.
We will help facilitate those “uncommon connections” and introduce opportunities that influences growth.
More importantly your membership will be supporting the growth of entrepreneurs and companies to help foster their ideas – inspiring them to reach further and gain momentum

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